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A Barn Dance is suitable for all ages and is ideal for wedding receptions and family parties as well as social functions for groups and organisations.

The dances are lively and often energetic, but above all, lots of fun. You donít need any previous knowledge, all the dances are explained by the caller.

A Ceilidh (pronounced kayli) is similar to a barn dance but will probably have fewer American dances and may also include some other entertainment eg. song spots or a dance display.

If you are planning a barn dance or ceilidh contact us for advice and information. We are happy to help.


Masons Apron Band

Whatís a Barn Dance?

Masons Apron is usually a four piece band, plus caller. Our usual line-up is accordion, fiddle, guitar, and banjo, but can be enlarged when necessary to include mandolin, bass and vocals. We donít have a permanent caller but work with some of the best in the midlands. We choose a caller to suit the occasion. As well as general barn dance ceilidhs we can provide entertainment for† Scottish, Irish or American† themed events.

Band Line-up

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If you would like to hear more, we also have a demo CD. Please ask for details.

Gay calling a dance.