Keith playing banjo.Dei playing accordion.Allan playing fiddle.Gay on guitar.

Meet the Band

Dei Perks

Dei plays piano-accordion in the band.

 An excellent musician with some great dance tunes. Dei also performs in the duo ‘Banjacs’ with husband Keith.

Keith Perks

Keith plays 5 string banjo with the band and gives us a steady rhythm and a great foundation to the band sound. He is also an experienced musician who plays tenor guitar and mandolin as well as some great vocals.

Gaynor Butler

Gay Butler plays guitar and also doubles as dance caller. She has plenty of experience in playing and calling for barn dances and ceilidhs . In addition to this she has a fine singing voice and,  together with Allan, runs the Plough Folk Club in Wollaston, Stourbridge.

Allan Porter

Allan Porter is also a very experienced player having played in bands and folk clubs over many years. Allan plays fiddle, melodeon , mandolin and tenor banjo. Allan is resident, along with Gay, at the Plough Folk Club in Stourbridge.